YDFIX Distal Humerus Plates

YDFIX Plate System – Advantages overview

• Polyaxial angle-stabilized (AS) locking system which allows surgeons +- 15 degree (step-free) devation from the anatomically preset direction (30 degree freedom of motion for fixing fracture fragments)

• Innovation-award-winning plate-system consisting of over 30 plates with which the entire body can be operated on using only 3 screw diamaters

• As a result of having to use only 3 screw diamters surgeones can work with straightforward, easy-to-use insrtument sets which contain identical tools that can be used the same way in each YDFIX instrument set

• Soft tissue protection ensured by rounded contours and blunt headed screws

• Minimal invasive surgical technique supported

YDH (YDFIX distal humerus plate) – Advantages overview

As part of the YDFIX plate family, YDFIX Distal Humerus (YDH) system is designed to be applied for the fractures of elbow area. The system includes 5 different plates, Dorsolateral (DL), Extraarticular Dorsolateral (EDL), Straight Medial (SM), Bent Medial (M) and Olecranon plates subsequently. All the above plates share the features of YDFIX family, namely, they are all capable of ensuring ± 15 degree polyaxial movement from the anatomically optimized basis direction. The total range of motion is 30 degrees, step-free.

Main characteristics and advantages:

– high-tech polyaxial plate fixation system

– complete plate family: bent and straight medial; dorsolateral; exraarticular dorsolateral; olecranon plates

– anatomically pre-formed but modellable Titanium plates

– soft tissue protecting, rounded contours

– minimal invasive surgical technique possibility

– Torx socketed, self tapping but  blunt ended screws  in 2.7 mm for periarticular fixation and 3.5 mm version for diaphyseal fractures

– polyaxial screws – if necessary ±15° deviation from the ideal insertion angle (30° movement area)

– instrument set is suitable for neutral screw direction determination and also for the range within the 30 degrees angle

– instruments and implants in one compact tray

Dorsolateral Plate

Length: 91-211 mm Width: 11 mm, Thickness (head): 2 mm, Thickness (shaft): 3 mm

Medial Plate

Length: 86,7-206,7 mm Width: 11 mm, Thickness (head): 2 mm, Thickness (shaft): 3 mm

Extraarticular - Dorsolateral Plate

Length: 90,2-210,2 mm Width: 11 mm, Thickness (head): 2 mm, Thickness (shaft): 3 mm

Straight Medial Plate

Length: 100,5-196,5 Width: 11 mm, Thickness (head): 2 mm, Thickness (shaft): 3 mm

Olecranon plate

Length: 97-188,6 mm Width (head): 16,3 mm, Width (shaft): 11,3 mm, Thickness (head): 2 mm, Thickness (shaft): 3 mm