YDFIX Proximal Humerus Plate

YDFIX Plate System – Advantages overview

• Polyaxial angle-stabilized (AS) locking system which allows surgeons +- 15 degree (step-free) devation from the anatomically preset direction (30 degree freedom of motion for fixing fracture fragments)• Innovation-award-winning plate-system consisting of over 30 plates with which the entire body can be operated on using only 3 screw diamaters

• As a result of having to use only 3 screw diamters surgeones can work with straightforward, easy-to-use insrtument sets which contain identical tools that can be used the same way in each YDFIX instrument set 

• Soft tissue protection ensured by rounded contours and blunt headed screws

• Minimal invasive surgical technique supported

YPH (YDFIX Proximal Humerus  plate) – advantages overview

The YPH (YDFIX Proximal Humeral) plate system is the upgraded version of the angle stabilized humeral head plate. It ensures all the YFDIX advantages besides the even wider fixation range compared to otherproducts. The problem-free healing is guaranteed by the modern and multifunctional targeting system, the resized plate adapted for polyaxial technique and the standardized polyaxial screws.

In case of multifragmental proximal humeral fractures it is of vital importance that the fragments can be locked precisely and in a stabile way. YPH (YDFIX Proximal Humerus) system offers optimal solution with polyaxial locking possibilities.

Main characteristics and advantages:

– Polyaxial angle stabilized system in step – free ±15 deg angulation of insertion

– Maximum 3 times of correction possibility when misidentifying the correct screw direction

– Optimal, pre-determined screw directions in the holes

– Thinned head, the implant does not interfere with the soft tissues

– Suture holes for bone and tendon stitches

– Rounded edges to protect nearby soft tissues

– Ability to perform minimally invasive surgery

– Oval hole for plate positioning

– Self tapping but blunt ended screws to avoid tissue irritation

– Anodized Titanium raw material

– Torx headed screws

– Capable of drilling in preset and ±15 deg directions step – free

– Easy to assemble targeting head for choosing either polyaxial or monoaxial fixation in the pre-determined directions.